Our Export Program

Sending Fruit Around The World

As one of the premier shippers within Sunkist, PCI ships nearly 50% of its crop around the world. Since only the highest grade fruit is exported, PCI places high standards with its growers and their growing practices to meet specific export market specifications. PCI exports most varieties of conventional and organic citrus, including Navels, Late Navels, Mandarins, Cara Caras, Bloods, Lemons, Minneolas, Pummelos, and Grapefruit.

Label Recognition

PCI ships a majority of its citrus in the “Mt. Whitney” label, which has developed a strong and loyal following within SE Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Also, with the acquisition of Golden Valley Citrus in 2016, PCI is now the exclusive shipper of the “Golden Joy” label. With over 10 Sunkist labels, PCI can work with exporters on developing “exclusive” label programs for selected export markets.

Barnfield-Powell Program

Since 2010, “Barnfield-Powell” has been PCI’s premium high-pack program and house label. Grown in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada, the area provides the perfect micro-climate and terrain for producing a truly exceptional piece of fruit. To qualify for this program, the fruit must first undergo an extreme selection process to provide our customers with only the best color, texture, and flavor. Since demand for this exclusive fruit has surpassed production supply year after year, allocation of the fruit is mostly driven by customer support of our total portfolio program for all varieties.